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Get to Know Author Caro Carson!

happy couple on the book cover of The Bachelor Doctor's Bride

Scarlet swore her family would never starve again, and Leia grabbed the gun out of Han’s hand and saved herself.  It was awesome to know a heroine could take charge…and still get the yummiest guy. (Yes, I’ve decided Scarlet gets Rhett back.)


--interview, Get Lost in a Story


the heroine's face from the book cover to The Colonel's Texas Promise

[Even at age 18] I was so aware that I was standing on a parade field that George Washington’s troops had stood on, that I was wearing the same uniform Blackjack Pershing wore, and that one doesn’t get to do those things without a major trade-off, like nine years of one’s life.

--interview, Get Lost in a Story 1/22/19

Cadet Caro Carson and Johnny Cash

[While a cadet at West Point, I escorted June Carter and Johnny Cash when they came to perform at Eisenhower Hall Theater.] I couldn’t believe Johnny Cash (“It’s just Johnny; you don’t have to call me Mr. Cash”) wanted to know my opinion on whether or not he should include a certain song in his set. What a wonderful way to live life, as if everyone around you is interesting and important!


--interview, Get Lost in a Story


The Slow Burn original from

I rode along with the city’s fire department, a full twelve hours going out on calls with them, eating meals in the firehouse, everything. I was once a first responder myself, an officer in the US Army’s military police corps, so I’d worked with firefighters, of course, but never this closely. They are true public servants, arriving on every scene [to help] however they can.


--Romance Lives Forever, 8/17/20

The intense couple on the book cover of The Bartender's Secret

The characters are so real to me that I actually miss them when I finish the book. Readers who tell me they fell in love with the characters really fill my heart. It’s like hearing that someone you care deeply about is still alive and well, making others happy!


--interview, RLFBlog, 3/6/20

The book cover of Her Pirate from the Past

Most of my books are contemporary romances, but I have a deep and abiding love for time travel romances. I’ve written two related time travels, each involving a woman who lands on a pirate ship in 1740. Dashing sea captains are such great escapism, but I do a lot of research to get the details right. Ditto with my contemporary romances.


--interview, RLFBlog, 9/2/20

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